Lab Policies

   1) No food or drinks around the computers (to protect the equipment).
     - You may eat or drink at the back tables.
     - Please clean the back tables after you eat or drink.

 2) Please put bottles, cans, and paper into the recycling bags.

 3) Please speak English only in the lab.

 4) Please do not access any inappropriate websites.
no food or drinks
 5) Before you leave the lab:
 5-1) Please shut down the computers.
         a) Click on Start on the bottom left corner of your screen.
         b) Click on Shut Down.
         c) Select Shut down in the middle box.
             - If it is already selected, go to d).
             - Your might be asked to select Log off.
         d) Click on OK.
 5-2) Please push in the chairs.
 5-3) Please clean the computer tables.

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updated: 2007.08.30