First-Time Login Procedures : myUCFV

[ First Login tab ]
Click on File (top left).
Click on New Tab.
file -> new tab

Click on the "First Login : myUCFV" tab to come back to this page.
first login tab

[ new tab for myUCFV ]

Type in in the white address bar (top middle).
Press Enter (on the keyboard).

If you see "Browser Problem", click on Continue (bottom).

browser problem

Type in your user name (student number) and password (birth date in YYMMDD) (left).
Click on Login.
user name and password

Select a Question (bottom).
Type in your Answer. -> Write your answer in a secure place.
Click on Submit.

security question

Type in New PIN (pasword). (birth date in YYMMDD: 860301 <- 1986 March 1)
Confirm (type in again) New PIN (pasword). (birth date in YYMMDD: 860301 <- 1986 March 1)
Click on Submit.
    If your new password is NOT your birthdatewrite it in a secure place. It's very easy to forget.
    It's VERY TIME-CONSUMING to reset your password.

new password

Click on OK.

all done


Click on Log In.

click on log in

Log in again with your password (birthdate in YYMMDD) or new password (if you have typed in different numbers).

 final grades

updated: 2008.02.12
created: 2007