Science Advice Centre FAQ

How do I book an appointment with the Science Advice Centre?

When should I see a science advisor?

When do I register?

How do I know what courses to take?

How do I find more about individual classes?

Where can I find information about the Bachelor of Science and CIS programs?

What English or Communications courses should I take as part of a Bachelor of Science?

How long will it take to finish my Bachelor of Science degree?

Where can I go for extra help in my courses?

How do I fund my education?

Are there any work-study or co-op positions available?

What do I do if I don’t have the right high school courses?

Can I transfer my courses to another school?

Can you help me decide what career to choose?

What majors can I take in my Bachelor of Science?

Should I take a minor in my Bachelor of Science?

When should I declare a Science major?

Can I change my mind and pick another Science major?

How many courses should be taken each year?

Can I do a pre-med program at UFV?

Where can I find more information about Medical School?

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