Program Planning

The following are some helpful documents and links.  We recommend visiting one of the Science Advisors to assist you in your course planning.  Book Science Advice at any time.

UFV Offerings

SAMPLE PLANS  1st year [pdf]  4-year[pdf]  Flow Chart[pdf]
Biology Major  BIO 1 year BIO 4 year  BIO Flow Chart
Chemistry Major  CHEM 1 year CHEM 4 year  CHEM Flow Chart
Computer Information
 CIS 1 year CIS 4 year  CIS Flow Chart
Physical Geography Major  GEOG 1 year GEOG 4 year  GEOG Flow Chart
Mathematics Major  MATH 1 year MATH 4 year  MATH Flow Chart
Physics Major  PHYS 1 year PHYS 4 year

 PHYS Flow Chart


Engineering Transfer Program  Engineering Transfer Program [pdf]
Engineering Physics
Diploma - Mechatronics
Physics Eng. Diploma - Fall 2014
Data Analysis
Post-Degree Certificate
 ‌DAC Certificate - Fall 2014
Explore Science - For
undecided students
 Explore 1 year [pdf]


Other Institutions


UFV to UBC pre-medicine transfer

Admission Requirements of Canadian Faculties of Medicine (2015)


UFV to UBC Dentistry

UFV to Dental Hygiene


UFV to UBC Pharmacy


UFV to UBC Physiotherapy

Veterinary medicine


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