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I don't know what program to choose. What should I do?

Typically, your first year of university provides you with an opportunity to explore options and interests.

This said, however, a university education is both an investment and opportunity: take advantage of any resources you have available to you to find out more about careers and fields of study before you come to university. If you have access to career counselling at your high school, make an appointment.

You can also talk to an educational advisor at UFV to discuss your educational choices.

 Info for domestic or landed students:

Academic advisors at UFV can help you set goals and discuss your options. Before you meet an advisor, review UFV's program options.

Advising appointments are available between 9 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, in person or on the phone. Make an appointment a UFV advisor.

 Info for international students:

International advisors at UFV are knowledgeable about the study and career choices available to International students. Before you meet an international advisor, review program options open to international students at UFV.

Advising appointments are available between 8 am and 4 pm Monday through Friday, in person, on the phone, or through Skype. Book an appointment with a UFV International advisor.

You can also contact UFV International to discuss your individual interests and academic qualifications.

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