Finance is responsible for managing financial affairs, including management of banking functions, ledgers, financial systems, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, research accounting, endowment accounting, and all internal and external financial reporting.

Finance is located on the main floor, Building 'A', Room A291. Office hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday. Finance reception desk: 604-504-7441, local 4236.


Finance has gone GREEN!

Garbage Can Removal

We have removed all garbage containers from individual offices and desk areas.  We now have a single waste bin and recycling bins for the main common area, as well as the staff room, to act as the central station for waste and recycling collection.  We decided that this was a great way to reduce our carbon footprint by wasting less plastic bags that came along with the 25 Garbage cans in the offices!

We hope that other departments will follow suit in making UFV a greener place.
If your department would like to participate in the goal towards a more sustainable work environment then please contact David Shayler, Manager, Janitorial Services (4455).  We could not have made the change without him!

Turn It Off

Finance also participates in the "Turn It Off" campaigns, put on by "Green UFV".
We have made a difference in the amount of energy we are using due to lights and computer monitors being left on during and at the end of the day.  Our staff has been great at remembering to shut down and turn everything off at the end of the work day, so way to go Finance Green Team!

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