Mariano Mapili, PhD

Office: A406a, Abbotsford
Phone: x4719
Current Position
Sessional Faculty, Department of Geography


The agricultural fields of the Central Plains in the Philippines were my playground, my laboratory and my limited scientific world before coming to Canada. A CIDA fellowship from Dalhousie University opened up an avenue to widen my horizons from an agricultural background to the broader interdisciplinary studies of natural resources and the environment. The eruption of My Pinatubo which changed world climate became the main focus of my graduate research work. I used GIS as a tool to integrate information to determine the effect of the eruption on land-use and water quality interactions in the Central Plains. After obtaining my PhD from the University of British Columbia, I went back to the Central Plains to use my new found skills in the management of agricultural resources and the protection of the environment, a passion that I continued to endeavour even as I returned to Canada as a research scientist in a soil bioremediation company. After a few years in the environmental protection industry, I spent a few years teaching at SIAST in Saskatchewan where my experiences not only increased my awareness of issues in forestry and integrated resource management in the Boreal forests of Canada but my exposure to aboriginal culture and resource rights gave me a cultural education I will never forget. I came back to the Fraser Valley and made UFV, the Department of Geography, my new playground, my new laboratory and my new home where my background and the skills that I have honed in my professional journey are quite relevant.

Advanced Diploma in GIS, BCIT, 2006
PhD, University of British Columbia, 1996
MSc, University of British Columbia, 1992
MSc, University of Philippines at Los Banos, College, 1990
Agricultural Education (Cert.), Tarlac College of Agriculture, 1983
BSc, University of Philippines at Los Banos, College, 1983

Teaching Interests
Core Courses:
GEOG 101: Weather and Climate
GEOG 102: Evolution of the Earth's Surface

Research Interests

My research interest is constantly evolving; I wish to continue to explore new interdisciplinary avenues of interactions in the environment. As a hands-on professional, I will always be interested in developing technologies with end-user interface – technologies that are appropriate at levels where they can be used immediately. Whether it be the development of technology using microorganisms, particularly mycobiota, in bioremediation, or the use of GIS to develop models that can be used at the municipal planning offices in delineating buffers that will protect surface water, or even the survey of  weeds, insects and microflora in the agricultural field borders to show biodiversity and sustainability in agricultural fields, there is only one thing that I have in mind – my research should translate to its relevance and practical usefulness.


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