Student Handbook

The UFV Geography Student Handbook is designed current and prospective Geography students. The handbook includes tips and guidelines on everything from how to format, style and cite essays (Part III), to working with maps and coordinates in the lab or in the field (Part IV), to departmental logistics (Part I). This handbook is your indispensable reference and study guide in geography at UFV.
Please note: the handbook is undergoing revision during Winter 2013, and some information in Part I is out of date. Please refer to the UFV Calendar and Department website for most recent program and faculty information.

  Cover Handbook
Table of Contents
Part I Program
Part II Field Schools
Part III Style Guidelines
Part IV Techniques
Part V Resources

12-credit, 4-week course on indigenous land claims

Embark on an exciting journey of discovery, led by renowned experts, to learn about historic representations of indigenous land claims in maps, films, or texts.

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