Bachelor of Fine Arts Extended Minor in Graphic Design

The Graphic and Digital Design extended minor may be paired with the Visual Arts major as part of the Bachelor of Fine Arts program, or with any other BFA extended minor as listed in the BFA section of the calendar. This section specifies the extended minor requirements only. Please refer to the Bachelor of Fine Arts section for information on additional requirements.

Note: The Graphic and Digital Design minor and extended minor culminate in upper-level courses that require a series of sequential skills obtained over several semesters. Introductory courses are offered in the fall, and students should expect to take sequential courses over the following winter, fall, and winter semesters to complete required coursework. Only GD 498 and GD 499 are offered in the summer semesters.

Lower-level requirements: 21 credits 

i. GD 102 or AH 203

ii. GD 154, GD 157, GD 159, GD 161

iii. 6 credits of 100- or 200-level GD courses as per desired stream.

Upper-level requirements: 15 credits

i. GD 317, GD 361, GD 369

ii. 6 credits of 300- or 400-level GD courses as per desired stream.

The extended minor offers streams in Dynamic Media, Interactive Design and Visual Identity.  

Dynamic Media: GD 203 and GD 303

This option introduces motion graphics, video, kinetic typography, and character design for design projects and storytelling.

Interactive Design: GD 202, GD 204 and GD 358

The interactive design stream focuses on design for digital screens including websites, tablets, and mobile devices. Students are introduced to interface design, development, UX and content management.

Visual Identity: GD 374 and GD 375

This option provides a foundation in the field of visual identity including logo design and the design of collateral. This stream also introduces packaging with an emphasis on innovation, environmental impact, and sustainability. 


For more information, please contact:

Paula Funk
BFA Educational Advisor
604-504-7441 ext. 4406

Vicki Bolan
Department Assistant

See the academic calendar for further details.

Extended Minor in Graphic Design

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