‌Kinesiology and Physical Education

Welcome to the Kinesiology and Physical Education department at the University of the Fraser Valley. The department is part of the Faculty of Health Sciences, and currently offers both certificate and degree programs, with a breadth of courses offered that span teaching and learning, exercise, fitness, conditioning, health and wellness.

Kinesiology and Physical Education is the study of human movement from both a theoretical and applied perspective. Movement is pervasive in our society. Each day we accomplish a variety of tasks by calling on a vast repertoire of motor skills. To gain a complete understanding of human movement, students in kinesiology and physical education approach the topic from a physiological, biomechanical, psychological, and sociological perspective. Students will not only begin to understand how and why we move, but will gain knowledge on how we can optimize the human potential for movement and skilled performance. This knowledge can be applied in many ways, resulting in myriad career opportunities for graduates, ranging from teaching to working in physical rehabilitation settings.

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