Certified Dental Assistant certificate
Faculty and Staff

Rosie Friesen      CDA, ID, MA
Position   Coordinator
E-mail:   rosie.friesen@ufv.ca
Phone:   604-795-2830


Marie Haima      CDA, ID
Position   Instructor
E-mail:   marie.haima@ufv.ca
Phone:   604-792-0025, ext. 2547

Debbie Horin      CDA, ID
Position   Instructor/Clinic Coordinator
E-mail:   debbie.horin@ufv.ca
Phone:   604-792-0025, ext. 2266

Deb Ward      CDA, ID
Position   Instructor
E-mail:   debbie.ward@ufv.ca
Phone:   604-792-0025, ext. 2408

Liz Wilkes

  CDA, BSc, ID
Position   Instructor
E-mail:   liz.wilkes@ufv.ca
Phone:   604-792-0025, ext. 2268


Become a health care assistant in 24 weeks

Health care assistants are in high demand all over the Fraser Valley. Enjoy the job search advantage provided by top-notch training from a reputable school.

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