‌Internationalization Committee‌

We are a group of representatives from the Faculty of Health Sciences who act as a resource to Health Science faculty and students concerning International opportunities.

Find out more about our recent international travel opportunities to:

Belize (International Nursing Course)

Italy (Italy Study Tour)

Antigua (Champions for Health Promoting Schools)

Students learning about acupuncture at Schenzen University, China

Find out about additional study tour opportunities offered through

the “Study Abroad” program offered through UFV International

Students learning about martial arts at Schenzen University, China

How We Can Help

Interested in learning, instructing or collaborating beyond our borders?

We are here to help.

Contact Alison Pritchard Orr at alison.pritchardorr@ufv.ca

or Erin Hailstone at erin.hailstone@ufv.ca for more information

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