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Summer 2015 Courses




Day and Time

Full/Early/Late Semester

HIST 101 Barbara Messamore Tues/Thurs 1:00-4:50 pm Early (May 4-June 20)
HIST 102 Barbara Messamore Online Early (May 4-June 20)
HIST 109 David Milobar Online Early (May 4-June 20)
HIST 210 Steven Schroeder Mon/Wed 9:10-12:10 pm Early (May 4-June 20)
HIST 316 Chris Leach Tues/Thurs 8:30-12:10 pm Early (May 4-June 20)
HIST 329 Molly Ungar Online Late (July 2-Aug 19)
*HIST 459 Geof Spurling Mon/Wed 8:30-12:10 pm Full (May 4-Aug 7)
*HIST /LAS 359 Geof Spurling    
*HIST 489 Geof Spurling    

*HIST 359, 459, 489, and LAS 359 are for those enrolled in the Peru Study tour. Please contact Geof Spurling at geoffrey.spurling@ufv.ca or Gayle Ramsden at gayle.ramsden@ufv.ca for further information.

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