UFV “History in 5” Film Festival, 2013-14 Contest Rules for UFV Students


  1. This contest is open to students currently attending UFV. They do not have to be History students.

Entry Rules:

  1. This is a History film festival. All entries must focus on an aspect of history.
  2. This is a student film festival. The films must be produced, directed, planned, written, and technically executed entirely by students. Parents, teachers, and professionals are limited to non-creative roles, such as offering advice, or to acting, as long as they are directed by the students.
  3. Films may be produced by individuals or by groups.
  4. Entries must not exceed 5 minutes. Films which exceed 5 minutes will be disqualified.
  5. Entries must reflect the categories of the contest. These are:
    1. Historical re-enactments
    2. Documentaries
    3. Animated or non-live action
    4. Interview with an historical figure(s)
    5. Satire or spoof
    6. Students may submit silent films or “talkies.”
    7. Students must complete an entry form for EACH film they enter in the contest. Each film must be submitted on its own DVD. Please double check the copies to ensure they play properly. Each DVD must be labeled with the following information: name of filmmaker(s), title of film, and contest category.
    8. There is no limit on the number of films each student or student group may submit. You may not submit the same film to more than one category.
    9. We reserve the right to reject any entry on the basis of objectionable content which might be potentially insulting or which contains inflammatory images or language.
    10. Completed films must be submitted to the UFV History Department by 4 pm on April 7th, 2013. Submissions can be delivered to the History Department Assistant’s office (D3094) on the Abbotsford campus.

Copyright and Permissions:

  1. Submitted films must be entirely original, containing no copyrighted material unless the filmmaker obtains proper, legal permission to use someone else’s copyrighted material and submits proof of this permission. The use of any material without the express permission of the copyright holder is illegal and will result in the disqualification of the entry.
  2. The UFV History Department will hold copies of all films submitted. By entering this festival you are granting the UFV History Department non-exclusive rights to retain an archive copy of your production for the purposes of exhibition, promotion, and education.
  3. Entrants consent to the use of winners’ names and likenesses, the name of his/her school, and any statements, quotes or testimonials, photographs, designs, models, web content, and/or other audio-visual materials provided by the entrant for publicity or educational purposes.

Judging and Selection:

  1. The judging panel will be composed of individuals from UFV, including faculty, staff, and/or students.
  2. During the first stage of judging, the judging panel will choose the 4 finalists in each category. These films will then be shown at a Film Festival, with the judges then announcing first, second, and third place, as well as honourable mention, in each category.
  3. Judging criteria includes:
    1. Topical focus
    2. Historical accuracy
    3. Integration of historical knowledge
    4. Production quality
    5. Staging and sound
    6. Creativity


  1. All prizes will be awarded at a UFV History High School Film Festival event.
  2. We reserve the right to not award prizes for some or all of the categories dependent on the number and quality of the entries received.
  3. Prizes:
    1. First price in each category: $200 and a certificate
    2. Second prize in each category: $100 and a certificate
    3. Third prize in each category: TBA
    4. Honourable mention in each category: a certificate
    5. Group entrants are responsible for dividing their prize(s) amongst themselves. 







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