2008 Graduates

This course has opened my eyes to many great career opportunities and I have gained useful skills and knowledge which will help me on my career path. 

 Coming into this course I wanted to leave being able to work on a cruise ship, then travel to different countries working in various hotels and eventually opening a hotel/resort of my own.  Now after 4 months taking the Hospitality Event Planning Program, I have learned so many other possibilities I can have upon graduating this course.  I have learned so much more than I thought I would, and this class isn't what I expected.  With Nancy Barker's teaching methods I get really engaged in the learning and it sticks.  I know already that I will be successful coming out of the UCFV's new course.

Lead a team of hospitality professionals

A Hospitality and Event Management Post-degree can open the door to a managerial career in an industry predicted to triple in size by 2020.

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