The University recognizes the value of general education for its employees. In order to encourage and support the pursuit of education, article 24.4 of the Collective Agreement allows permanent (type B) Faculty and permanent (type A) Staff to apply for additional tuition funds (maximum of $3000 per fiscal) if they have already expended their In-service Professional Development funds for the year towards the same plan. 

There is limited amount of funds, and we try to disperse to as large a group as possible. A complete education plan must be submitted with realistic outcomes and/or goals. The types of educational plans that this fund supports are Masters and Ph.D. programs for faculty; and Certificate, Diploma, and Degree programs for staff. 


-  Program of study
-  Progress in the program, and how close you are to completing
-  Value to the University of the Fraser Valley and to you personally
-  How much funding you are requesting
-  How many years you are requesting support for
-  Any other points you feel are relevant (please limit to one page)
-  Letters of support from your supervisor, dept head, and dean

If approved, you will be sent official notification and will then need to submit a tuition receipt from the applicable institution.  Please note that this is an expense-based fund and no advances will be permitted.

Each year (if a multi-year educational plan) you must submit to Employee Services a report for review summarizing your progress, with a final report due upon the completion of your program, which includes your grades.

Please note that if you do not successfully complete your approved educational plan, you may be required to reimburse UFV for the support you received from the Tuition Assistance Fund.

Those who wish to be considered should submit their application to Nancy Scarrow, Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice President of Employee Services.  If you have any questions, please call local 4065.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Nancy Scarrow by email or by phone at 604.504.7441 local 4065.
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