Below is a list of the documents required to complete the Faculty Sabbatical Leave Application process. All sections may be completed in digital format and later printed and signed to produce the final application package for submission.


APPLICANT: Download and complete ‌‌the 2015 - 2016 Sabbatical Application Form

  1. APPLICANT: Deliver one copy of your application to your Department Head. At the same time, you must provide another copy to your Dean. You must ensure that your Department Head has the application in time to enable the department to review your proposal, and for your Department Head to provide a summary of the collegial feedback to you and your Dean no later than September 30.

  2. DEPARTMENT HEAD/DIRECTOR: Complete the Department Head/Director Comments section of the Faculty Sabbatical Leave Application Form‌. You must include a summary of the departmental review and feedback to the proposal and forward to the applicant and the Dean no later than September 30. 
  3. DEAN: Review the application and the department comments and provide the applicant written comments based on the criteria for a satisfactory application no later than October 15. This is to be completed on the Dean Comments section of the Faculty Sabbatical Application Form.

  4. APPLICANT: Based on the departmental review and your Dean's comments, determine whether revisions should be made to the proposal prior to submitting a finalized application. If you revise your proposal, you must resend your application to your Dean for further comment before finalizing the application for submission. All Dean's comments are a required part of your application package.

  5. APPLICANT: Submit your finalized proposal, with department and Dean comments attached, to Human Resources by November 30, 2014.
Review of sabbatical applications will normally be completed by February 15. JPDC may contact the individual for further clarification before completing the review of the application. Notifications come to the department and individual by email.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please refer to the 2015 - 2016 Sabbatical Application Handbook ‌ or contact Lee Penner, by email or by phone at 604.504.7441 local 5133.


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