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Supervisory Review
Job Description Proceeds to JCAC
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For newly created positions or existing positions that have had a substantial change in duties, the employee needs to perform the duties for a minimum of six (6) months before the position is rated through JCAC. Normally, however, the practice is to extend this time-frame to about one (1) year to accommodate positions with cyclical activities and to ensure the employee has had more exposure to the work to provide a more accurate rating.
Existing positions may have a formal review by JCAC every two (2) years (initiated by the employee, supervisor, or the Employer), assuming approvals are granted by your department.


How do I get started?

If your job description is eligible for rating, the next step is to prepare a revised job description to present to your Supervisor for Senior Administrator's review and approval. Either the employee or the supervisor can initiate this; note with multiple employees in the same position, all require the opportunity to provide input on the revised job description.
Human Resources provides administrative support and recommendations in preparing a Full and Condensed version of your proposed job description following UFV guidelines – check out the samples in “Additional Resources”. Contact information is found on the "Contact" page.

To ensure good communication within your department, Human Resources will advise the exempt Administrative Assistant and your supervisor of the on-going draft preparation. We encourage employees to do the same and to  work with your supervisor(s) during the drafting process to help expedite the review.

What do I need to create my job description?

You’ll need a copy of your job description which serves as a starting point for the revised draft. Put your revised duties into the approved .‌‌‌‌‌‌‌

Our “Additional Resources” section has information on how to prepare the description.


Once the Full and Condensed versions of your job description are created on our approved template, your job will need to be reviewed and approved by your supervisor. This next step is tracked using our approval form, the “Review Form”.
  •   Provide both the Full and Condensed versions of  the job descriptions, the existing job description, and the "Review Form" to your supervisor when starting the review process
  •   Timelines for approval are 35 days from the date that the draft job description is prepared and presented to your Supervisor
If changes are approved, the job description is sent to the JCAC committee for rating. See “Job Description Proceeds to JCAC".

 If not approved, the job description review is now complete. The description has an opportunity to be re-evaluated in two years or potentially earlier if there are significant changes in job duties as determined by your supervisor.

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Once the Committee receives notification at the next scheduled meeting, a rating team consisting of an FSA member and a representative of the Employer are assigned to evaluate and rate the job duties of your position.

You (and if other employees in the same job description, them as well) meet with the rating team to discuss the duties in more detail. The aim is for the rating team to get a clearer picture of what the job duties are so they can more accurately rate the duties.  After the team meets with the supervisor for further clarification and questions on duties before providing a preliminary rating of the position.

The JCAC finalizes the rating and then the rating report is submitted to your Senior Administrator for approval.  From there, you are notified of the rating’s outcome and Employee Services posts the approved job description onto the web and coordinates changes to systems for job title and/or pay as required. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES

Preparing a Job Description Procedure

Sample job description – Full Version. This document is the longer and more detailed version of your position's job description; it is used as a resource document during rating. This normally is created first in the revision process. ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌

Sample job description – Condensed Version. This document represents the shorter version of your position's job description; is used as the official job description once rated. This document is used for other employment activities including guiding performance evaluations.‌‌‌‌‌‌

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