International Student Association (ISA)

Celebrating Diversity in our University

If you are a UFV International Student or a local student who wants to meet people from all over the world, become an active member of the International Student Association (ISA). Being a member of ISA will give you great volunteer opportunities and a chance to help plan great events and activities. A few people are saying it’s a lot of fun too! 

Mission Statement

The International Student Association is here to celebrate diversity in our university. We are dedicated to promote the internationalization of UFV. ISA will focus on helping International and exchange students integrate into their new school, student body, and community by providing endless opportunities to enrich their living and learning experience while studying at UFV. We will do so by organizing and promoting trips, events, and activities, which will give all local and international students a platform to socialize, learn, and have fun in a friendly and inclusive environment.

ISA Constitution 2014 Executives Active Members Stay Connected

ISA 2014

ISA Executives

The International Student Association has 6 executive positions and a growing list of active members at large made up of both international and local students.

To become an executive member, you must already be an active member at large for at least 1 semester and then get elected into the position. Keep an eye out for upcoming ISA elections.

Member Position Description

Prashant Wadhwani

Chief Executive Officer Makes sure the ISA reaches all of its goals and objectives 
Nicole Haney  Chief Organizational Officer Ensures meetings are organized, meeting notices/minutes go out to all member and also look after the budget
Sarabjit Brar  Integration Officer Has a passion for multiculturalism and helps international students integrate successfully into the UFV community and student body
Sunny Dongwook Kim Social Officer Creates a fun atmosphere within ISA; plans, promotes, and organizes social events at UFV

Dallas Peeling

Bernadette Yeo

Study Abroad Officer
Promotes study abroad opportunities and supports students who have decided to study abroad
Chamandeep Singh Sandhu Marketing Officer Promote ISA and its programs and activities


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