Office of Integrated Planning

In 2010, the University Board of Governors approved a new strategic plan for the University, thematically titled, “Changing Lives, Building Community”.  The plan was the result of an extensive consultation process, and presented a three-fold vision for the University: “To provide the best undergraduate education in Canada,  to be a leader of social, cultural, economic, and environmentally sustainable development in the Fraser Valley, and to be innovative, entrepreneurial, and accountable in achieving our goals.”


The Office of Integrated Planning coordinates planning throughout the University to ensure that resources and activities are aligned with the strategic directions of the University. The role of the Office is to assist with planning activities throughout the University so that individual plans and activities support one another. Integrated planning brings people together (who might not otherwise) to consider how their individual assets, needs and responsibilities can support, or be supported within a more collective, university-wide perspective.

The Integrated Planning Office assists plan holders as required with plan development and administration. In circumstances where there is a shared interest in a planning initiative, but no evident plan holder, the Office assists to achieve engagement by coordination and facilitation among areas.


Planning is structured at three levels.  At the strategic level, as noted above, is the overarching plan. The Strategic Directions conveys not just a vision for the University, but also some specific goals and commitments for how our strategic directions are to be achieved.

At the next level of planning, the Strategic Directions are incorporated into specific Foundation Plans.  For planning purposes, there are six core elements to the institution, and each is a foundation for the others, and for the operational plans. Together, the six Foundation Plans inform all planning throughout the University.  Finally, at the operational level, the University has many programs, and activities, all with plans.
Within the integrated planning framework, there are certain operational plans which have a university wide focus relating to a particular strategic initiative, and these are of direct interest in integrated planning.

The goal of integrated planning is to assist with enhanced planning processes throughout the University, drawing upon the expertise of individual plan leaders to assist one another in achieving the strategic directions for the University.

Ian McAskill
Advisor to the Provost, Integrated Planning
Phone: 604-504-7441 ext. 4702

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