Operational Plans

Within the integrated planning framework, there are certain operational plans which have a university wide focus relating to a particular strategic initiative.  There are, at present, four strategic initiatives with Operational Plans, three in progress, Indigenizing the Academy, Internationalization, and the Online Campus, and one complete, The Strategic Research Plan, 2010-2015.  Similar to the foundation plans, these plans are intended to inform all unit and program activity throughout the university.  The four operational plans are briefly described below.


Indigenizing the Academy  
One of the explicit goals detailed in the Strategic Directions is to “...address the unique educational needs of Aboriginal students and their communities.”   A year earlier, the UFV Board of Governors received terms of reference for the Aboriginal Community Council and passed a resolution to incorporate their advice in “Indigenizing our Academy” in the strategic planning process.  With that direction, an operational plan was developed to guide the implementation of the vision of Indigenizing the Academy in program and unit plans throughout the university.  It is expected that this plan will closely reflect the Mission Statement for the Aboriginal Community Council, “to have UFV provide programs, research initiatives and services that meet the diverse yet unique needs of Indigenous peoples and communities within a post-secondary academic setting that is both reflective and inclusive of Indigenous ways of knowing, teaching and learning…today for tomorrow.”  (Aboriginal Community Council to the University of the Fraser Valley, Terms of Reference, Feb. 2009).


International Education has a significant presence at UFV, both academically and financially.  Both roles are important, interrelated and strategically linked, “…to bring the world to the Fraser Valley and the Fraser Valley to the world,” and to, “…pursue revenue generating opportunities”.  This important operational plan will improve the planning link between the Office of International Education and the academic units.

Teaching and Learning: the Online Campus  
(Director, Teaching and Learning)
Building on its leadership tradition in online development and course delivery, this plan maps an ambitious plan to extend the use of educational technologies to meet an expanding range of the educational demands. The UFV Online Campus Plan (2012-2017), details short and long term objectives for an expanded array of online UFV course offerings and a strategy for developing and expanding fully online options.

Strategic Research Plan   (Associate Vice President, Research & Graduate Studies)
The Strategic Research Plan (2010-2015)  was approved by Senate in April 2010.  The plan details three major objectives:  1. integration of research and teaching and increased research opportunities for students; 2. increased support for faculty members’ research, scholarly, and creative activities; and, 3. increased multidisciplinary and collaborative research programs and activities within five priority areas.  A specific initiative is underway for the 2011-2012 academic year focussed on promoting student research.

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