IT Security Alerts and Advisories 

Phishing for Passwords

There have been a number of recent email-based "phishing" attempts in which recipients are requested to provide their login credentials.  While many of these campaigns look obviously suspicious, some have been very carefully crafted so as to appear to be genuine.

Please be advised that IT Services will never request users to divulge their login information via email.  If you are the recipient of such an email request, please ignore it and delete it. 

If you suspect that you may have been a victim of such a phishing attempt, you should change your password immediately.

 For more information on phishing, see the following article entitled Anatomy of a Phishing Attempt.


Be Careful What You Post

With summer vacation time upon us, it is a good opportunity to remind vacationers about the risks of posting holiday plans and pictures via social media.

Case in point: a well-known actress had her Hollywood home broken into while she and her family were vacationing in Canada.  She had recently posted a number of pictures of her holiday activities on Instagram.

Likely using that information, burglars ransacked her home, stealing several hundred thousand dollars worth of jewelry.

Recent reports of other stars victimized in this way have also surfaced.

Observant criminals can use social media to target vacationing victims who “advertise” the fact that their home is unoccupied.

While it’s fun to share your holiday with friends and family, be aware that criminals may be watching, too!





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