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JHB Special Issue: Disability and Disclosure  Volume 13: Spring, 2013
Guest editor: Alison M. Parker
College at Brockport, SUNY

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Journal CoverThe Journal of Historical Biography is not soliciting further submissions at  present

Journal: Life Writing

Life WritingLife Writing is a fresh initiative in the scholarly exploration of biography and autobiography. The journal has three sections: Academic Articles, Reflections and Reviews. We invite authors to submit articles that consider any aspect of the contemporary meanings of life narrative. We are particularly interested in work that aims to incorporate interdisciplinary perspectives.
Editors: Mary Besemeres and Maureen Perkins, Curtin University of Technology, Australia.
For more information, please visit

Center for Research in Biography

Center for Research in BiographyThe Center for Research in Biography (Zentrum für Biographik, ZetBi) was founded in 2004 as an academic network focused on theoretical and practical issues in biographical writing. It brings together some 20 junior researchers from various fields who are engaged in the practical work of writing biographies as well as in developing a systematic theory of biography. The network includes members from Germany, Austria, Finland, and Israel who are committed to cultivating an international and interdisciplinary discourse on the theory of biography.

Although biography has always been a fundamental tool of literature, culture, media and gender studies, as well as history, psychology and the social sciences, there has been relatively little interdisciplinary exchange on the methodological and theoretical foundations of biography. Therefore, the Center for Research in Biography aims to unite and systematize the different theoretical perspectives of these diverse fields.

The Center for Research in Biography examines the theoretical foundations of biography for its heuristic relevance in the humanities. We are currently focused on three topics of contemporary relevance: (1) questions of the construction of identity, (2) performative as well as anthropological dimensions of human behavior, and (3) the significance of the biographical genre in the processes of memory and history. Working on biographies ourselves, we contextualize these theoretical implications within our individual practices.

To this end, the network meets twice a year for workshops dealing with relevant issues of biography, e.g. Memory and Commemoration, Narrative Strategies, Film and Biography. 

Center for Research in Biography Publication List

For more information please visit our (German) website at or contact Levke Harders,
Department of History, Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin as well as Department of  History, University of Bielefeld, at

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