Frequently Asked Questions about the Career Fair

What will the Career Fair 2016 be like?

You can expect optimal networking opportunities with over 50 employers across all disciplines who in return are interested in meeting energetic, smart, and proactive students. This opportunity allows students to understand each companies culture and if they would be a good fit for the organization.

How Can I prepare? Should I bring my résumé?

Career Fair is a great opportunity to discuss your immediate career goals or long-term goals. We recommend that you come prepared as you would for an interview, with a résumé, business attire, and a good attitude!

Check out the tips and workshops we've put together to help you get prepared.

I'm not graduating soon, should I still go?

YES! Career Fair is a biannual event meaning the next one will not be scheduled till 2018. Don't miss out of your opportunity to discuss your future with employers. Whether you are graduating soon or not, the Career Fair is a great way to start exploring your career options. What you learn from employers may even guide your choice of electives in your remaining years at university.

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