Dr. Emilio Landolfi, PhD
Office: Abbotsford, T102
Phone: 604-504-7441 (local 4215)
Fax: 604-855-7558
E-mail: Emilio.Landolfi@ufv.ca  

Professional qualifications     
B.P.H.E.: University of Toronto
B.Ed.: University of Toronto
M.Ed.: University of Toronto
Ph.D.: University of Toronto  

Special professional qualifications     
Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Course Conductor and Examiner
Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Certified Exercise Physiologist
Electrocardiogram Technician License
Teachers Certificate of Qualification

Teaching interests   
Health Promotion
Human Performance
Physiological Assessment
Exercise Consulting
Pedagogical Aspects of Physical Education and Health
Practical Work (Learning by Doing)
International Education and Learning Experiences
Online Teaching and Learning

Research and other interests  
Physical Fitness and Health
Body Composition and obesity
Health Physical Activity
Coach Development and Training
School-Based Physical Education

Community involvement  
BC "In-Motion" Physical Activity Health Promotion Initiative
Active Kids BC
Healthy Abbotsford & SCOPE Committee
Select Standing Committee on Health(BC Legislative Assembly)
Physical & Health Education Canada
Physical Education BC
SportMed BC
British Columbia Child & Youth Health Research Society
British Columbia Environmental & Occupational Health Research Society
Coaches Association of British Columbia
British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists Academic Member

Other activities  
Cycling, Weight-Training, Art, Photography, Music


Refereed Journal Publications

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Non-refereed Journal Publications

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Book Chapters

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Work Submitted

Landolfi, E. (2014). An Investigation of a Mandatory Daily Physical Activity Program for Grade 10 - 12 Students in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada. Journal of School Health., In Review.

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