Dr. Graham Fletcher  
Office: Abbotsford T126
Phone: 504-7441 (local: 4452)
Email: Graham.Fletcher@ufv.ca

Professional Qualifications:
B.Ed. (Hons) in Physical Education: Brunel University College, England
M.Sc. (majored in Biomechanics) Brunel University, England
Ph.D.  (investigated the biomechanics of running) Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, England
UK Sport Olympic Level coach in triathlon

Memberships in scientific and professional societies:
International Society of Biomechanics in Sports, 2001-current

Journal of Sports Science
International Sports Medicine Journal

Teaching Interests:
• Biomechanics
• Health
• History and Philosophy of Sport and P.E.
• Sociological Aspects of Sport and P.E.
• Motor Learning
• Ergonomics

Personal Interests:
Organic farming, learning about natural medicine, coaching and participating in endurance sports, promoting animal welfare, watching Rugby League, learning Hebrew, international travel, attending classical music concerts, writing coaching and theological books and reading theological, military, philosophical, historical and physics texts.

Scientific Journal Publications:
Fletcher, G., Romanov, N., Fraser, S. and Docksteadder, A. (2012) A theoretical analysis of a truly synchronous rowing technique the new Pose method and three well established rowing techniques. Applied Research in Coaching and Athletics Annual. In press

Fletcher, G., Bartlett, R. and Romanov, N.S. (2011). Maximal horizontal acceleration of the stance foot and whole body centre of mass at maximum horizontal ground reaction force in recreational runners. International Journal of Motor Learning and Sport Performance, in press

Fletcher, G., Bartlett, R. and Romanov, N.S. (2010). Biomechanical performance factors in Pose running and Heel-toe running. International Quarterly of Sports Science, 2, 1-9.

Korff, T., Fletcher, G., Brown, D., Romer, L.M. (2010). Effect of “Pose” cycling on efficiency and pedaling mechanics. European Journal of Applied Physiology. 111, 1177-1186.

Fletcher, G, and Romanov, N.S. (2009). The Pose® cycling technique part 1. Endurance Sport, 45, July 2009.

Fletcher, G, and Romanov, N.S. (2009). The Pose® cycling technique part 11. Endurance Sport, 46, August 2009.

Fletcher, G., Romanov, N.S. and Bartlett, R. M. (2008). Pose® method technique improves running performance without economy changes. International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching, 3, 365-380.

Fletcher, G. and Romanov, N.S. (2008). Authors' response to “Comments on 'Runners do not push off but fall forward via a gravitational torque'” (Vol. 6, pp. 434-452).” Sports Biomechanics, 7, 406 – 411.

Romanov N.S., Pyanzin A.I., Fletcher G.J. Influence of Gravity on
Vectors of Forces Geometry // Book of articles of XI All Russian
Conference "Actual Questions of Physical Culture and Sport". - Tomsk:
Tomsk State Pedagogical University, 2008.

Romanov N.S., Pyanzin A.I., Fletcher G.J. The Role of Gravity in
Runner's Body Horizontal Acceleration // In book of articles: Actual
Problems of Physical Culture and Sport in Modern Social and Economical
Conditions. - Cheboksary: Chuvash State Pedagogical University, 2007.
- PP. 179-181.

Romanov, N. and Fletcher, G. (2007). Runners do not push off the ground but fall forwards via a gravitational torque. Sports Biomechanics, 6, 434-452.

Dallam, G.M. Wilber, R.L., Jadelis, K., Fletcher, G.J. and Romanov, N. (2005). Effect of a global alteration of running technique on kinematics and economy. Journal of Sports Sciences, 23, 757-764.

Arendse, R. E., T. D. Noakes, L. B. Azevedo, N. Romanov, M. P. Schwellnus,  and Fletcher, G. (2004). Reduced Eccentric Loading of the Knee with the Pose Running Method. Medicine Science Sports Exercise, 36, 272-277.

Book Reviews:
Prof. Robert Eckhardt and Tom Whipple The Endurance Paradox (Published by Left Coast Press, Inc.)

Fahey, T.D., Insel, P.M. and Roth, W.T.: Fit and Well, Second Canadian Edition (published by McGraw-Hil, ON, Canada).

Conference Presentations:
Fletcher, G., Korff, T., Romer, L., Brown, D. and Romanov, N. (2010) Comparison of pedaling mechanics in experienced pose and traditional cyclists. Proceedings of oral sessions, International Society of Sports Biomechanics, XXV111). Marquette, Michigan, USA: International Society of Biomechanics in Sports.

Fletcher, G., Dunn, M., Romanov, N.S. (2009). Gravity’s role in accelerated running - a comparison of an experienced Pose® and heel-toe runner. Proceedings of oral sessions, International Society of Sports Biomechanics, XXV11, 374-377). Limerick: International Society of Biomechanics in Sports.


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