Dr. Joanna Sheppard
Office: CEP A3428
Phone: 604-504-7441,loc. 2218
E-mail: Joanna.Sheppard@ufv.ca   


Professional Qualifications
B.PE Brock University
M.A Brock University
PhD. University of Toronto

Teaching and Research Interests
Physical Education Pedagogy
Health Education Pedagogy
Daily Physical Activity
Life Skill Teaching
Teaching Games for Understanding


Sheppard, J.
(2007). Ready, aim, target games. Physical & Health Education, 73, 34 - 39.

Mandigo, J. L., & Sheppard, J. The Human Race: A Canadian Experience. Healthy Lifestyles Journal, 50(2), 20 – 26.

Mandigo, J. L., Holt, N., Anderson, A., & Sheppard, J. (2008). Children's motivational experiences following autonomy-supportive games lessons. European Physical Education Review, 14(3), 407 - 425.

Mandigo, J. L., Anderson, A., Holt, N., Sheppard, J., Fry, A., Patrick, A., & Kingsley, B. (2006). Examining the impact of autonomy-supportive environments to foster physical literacy skills within a TGfU context. Abstract published in the AISIEP World Congress Proceedings.

Mandigo, J. L., Holt, N., Anderson, A., & Sheppard, J. (2005). The integration of autonomy-supportive teaching strategies within a teaching games for understanding approach. Avante, 11(1), 71.

Sheppard, J., & Mandigo, J. L. (2004). PlaySport: Teaching kids games through playing games. PlaySport

Other Creative and Scholarly Activities

 Champions for Health Promoting Schools Antiguan Coordinator: (May 2006-Present)


Centre for Healthy Development Through Sport and Physical Activity El Salvador Team (July 2005-Present)


Right to Play Writer/Reviewer for Sport Specific Manual (July 2007-December 2007)


Right to Play Writer/Reviewer for International Coaching Education Standards (September 2007-December 2007)





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