UFV Italy Study Tour‌


Dr. Emilio Landolfi emilio.landolfi@ufv.ca of UFV’s Kinesiology Department coordinates a two week study tour (typically from early to mid June) in collaboration with an International Summer School in Sport Sciences in Rimini, Italy. The University of Bologna, which hosts the summer school, is the oldest continually operating degree-granting University in the world – established in 1088.

Students receive six upper-level credits (KPE 399 and KPE 490) by attending Kinesiology-related lectures (in the morning) which are provided by University professors from across Europe, as well as by Dr. Landolfi. Afternoons are dedicated to participation in a variety of physical activities - also provided by University professors.

Lectures from "previous" years include:

  • Nutrition in competitive sports
  • Exercise and dietary supplements
  • Physical activity in old age
  • Vegetarian diet and sport
  • Sport cultures in Olympics Games
  • Individual Sports Theory and Technique
  • Advanced technologies for motion analysis
  • Scientific Literature and Databases in Sport Science
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Gene doping and sports
  • Sport psychology for enhanced performance‌

Physical activities from "previous" years have included: Yoga; Tai-Chi; Mixed Martial Arts; Dance; Aquatics; Gymnastics; Archery: Body-weight strength and conditioning; Beach Volleyball.

In addition to achieving formal learning outcomes, the summer school focuses on interaction between various nations. It is an intensive program which provides an arena for students from many different countries (but with similar interests in Kinesiology and Physical Education) to interact while working towards learning different cultures. Students form “working groups” composed of one person from each attending University, and are challenged to resolve problems collaboratively while confronting specific tasks such as designing a team-building activity with other groups, as well as preparing a final presentation on a health-related topic. Students are required to complete a presentation on the uniqueness of their home country, as well as their university, and must pass a final test based on study tour lectures.

To enhance the international summer school experience, accommodations include a "shared" room with either two or three other students from different Universities, and students will not be able to choose roommates. Universities from: Hungary; Austria; Poland; Norway; Germany; Spain; Lithuania; Czech Republic; and Canada have participated in the past.

Italy Study Tour Associated Costs:

Flight $1,500-$2,000

(Vancouver to either Bologna or Rimini, Italy - Rimini is closer to hotel) 

(Students required to make own travel arrangements - above is "estimated" cost)

International Summer School Tuition  $1,500
(Includes two weeks "shared" accommodation and three meals per day)

Six UFV transfer credits $850

* All prices are "approximate" and subject to change

Also, please note that the Italy Study Tour typically runs during the same time as graduation and that students who attend the study tour will in all likelihood be unable to attend UFV graduation ceremonies.


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