UFV offers RefWorks as a bibliographic manager, but there are alternatives available for those who are concerned about privacy issues, who don't like RefWorks, or who just want a formatted bibliography without all the other features, such as "citing while you write." However, the UFV Library can not provide support for these products.

Web-Based Bibliographic Management Software

Desktop Bibliographic Management Software

Runs locally on your desktop, rather than in the cloud, but offers similar features.

Citation Builders

Many of our research databases offer the ability to print or save formatted citations; the following web tools will also do the same, but require you to enter the data for each item.

Web Browser Plug-Ins

  • Zotero - https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/3504/
    Firefox 2.0 add-on. Will detect bibliographic citations on a web page and import them into your library. You can organize into folders and/or assign tags to help you organize and retrieve your items. Does not currently produce citations formatted in bibliographic styles, but allows you to export to a bibliographic manager.


  • Microsoft Word 2007 (and later)
    Includes a bibliography manage that allows you to key in bibliographic details
  • More tools...

Regardless of which citation software you use, it is always important to check the citations carefully for formatting, capitalization, and punctuation.

For more information on reference management software, see the Wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reference_management_software

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