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RefWorks FAQs by Topic

Accessing RefWorks

  1. How do I access RefWorks?
  2. I keep getting error messages when I try to log in. Help!
  3. I've forgotten my login name and password. How can I get them?
  4. How do I change my user name and password?
  5. How do I open two accounts in RefWorks at the same time?
  6. When I open two accounts at the same time they always end up being the same. Why?
  7. How can I find out more about RefWorks?
  8. Where are my references stored?
  9. Can I access RefWorks from off-campus?
  10. Do I need a group code for RefWorks?
  11. I'm using Mozilla FireFox and having problems accessing RefWorks. Is there a solution?

Getting Information Into your RefWorks Database

  1. How can I import results of searches into RefWorks?
  2. Can I export references directly from online databases to my RefWorks account?
  3. If an import filter does not exist for the database I work in, who should I contact to see if one can be built?
  4. When I try to export references from an online database with a RefWorks option, nothing happens. What do I do?
  5. I imported some records from an online database and the information didn't import correctly. Why?
  6. How can I get references from online databases into my RefWorks account if the database does not give me an option to export directly into RefWorks?
  7. Can I search online databases from within RefWorks?

About Your RefWorks Database

  1. How many references can I store in RefWorks? Is there a limit?
  2. How many folders can I create in RefWorks? Is there a limit?
  3. How do I tell which folders contain a specific reference?
  4. Can I put a reference into more than one folder?
  5. If I delete a reference from a folder, is it deleted from my database?
  6. What fields does the Search RefWorks box search?
  7. How can I easily find duplicate records in my database and then remove them?
  8. I did a search of my University's catalog from the RefWorks Search/Online Catalog or Database area and it didn't show up in my results (and I know it is there!). Why?
  9. Is there a limit to the data I can put in the notes and abstract fields?
  10. How do I back up my references?
  11. Can I store images or files in my RefWorks account?
  12. How do I find out where I can get the documents listed in my RefWorks account?

Formatting Your Paper Using RefWorks

  1. What is Write-N-Cite and what does it do?
  2. I'm a Mac user. Will Write-N-Cite work on my Mac?
  3. Why doesn't Write-N-Cite work on my computer?
  4. Can I have both Write-N-Cite and the full version of RefWorks open at the same time?
  5. I prefer to write my paper off line. Can I print out a list of references with RefIDs and how do I manually insert the citations in the text?
  6. My bibliography is not coming out correctly. Why?
  7. I received an error message when I tried to generate my bibliography. What can I do?
  8. Why does my bibliography have incorrect data included in the output document?
  9. I added some fields to an output style and they are not printing?
  10. I created my own output style and some of my references in my database do not print out. How do I fix this?
  11. What if my output (journal) style is not available?
  12. How do I give a colleague my custom output style?
  13. How do I insert references into my document using Write-N-Cite?
  14. How do I use One Line / Cite View to insert references from my RefWorks account into my document?
  15. Can I use RefWorks to help me format Footnotes and Endnotes instead of in-text citations?
  16. How do I add a specific page number to an in-text citation using RefWorks?

Sharing Your RefWorks Database

  1. I am working on a group project. Can we share a RefWorks account?
  2. Can more that one person access my account at a time?

Converting to/from Other Bibliographic Management Software

  1. How do I import references from my EndNote database?
  2. I'm trying to import records from an EndNote database, but the author names are all truncated. How do I fix this?
  3. Can I move my RefWorks database into another database program?
  4. In order to import references from Procite, RefWorks asks for an RIS.pos filter. Where can I get this?

Continuing Your RefWorks Subscription

  1. What happens when I graduate or if I leave UFV?
  2. What happens to my data if UFV decides to cancel RefWorks next year?

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