LIBTSA has funds to help students attend BCLA or LTAIG events. In order to help the executives make the best decisions about how to distribute those funds and also to arrange car pooling if warranted, please let LIBTSA know if you intend to go to a BCLA or LTAIG event. You need to provide your NAME, E-mail contact information, the TITLE of the event, the LOCATION, DATE, & TIME on the form provided by LIBTSA.

If you signed up to be on the E-mail listservs for BCLA and LTAIG, you will have received E-mails about some of the events, depending upon which interest group listservs you signed up for.

Another way to learn of events is to go the BCLA website: http://www.bcla.bc.caThis will take you to the BCLA home page.In the middle of this page is a section titled EVENTS.The main events are all listed there with titles and dates, but no locations.You can click on the event title for more information, OR, you can find where it says EVENTS on the dark blue bar across the page near the top.Click on EVENTS, and essentially the same list will come up except this time with locations and not dates.Again, you can click on the titles of the events for more information.

On the left hand side of the BCLA homepage you can click on SECTIONS, COMMITTEES, AND INTEREST GROUPS, to get a list of all the groups with their contact persons and associated E-mail addresses.If you want to get on the E-mail listserv for an interest group you didn’t already sign up for, go to the top of the home page, put your cursor on MEMBERSHIP and go down to click on E-MAIL LISTS.A form will come up where you can sign up for any listservs you wish to receive E-mails from.One of the interest groups is LTAIG, so you don’t need to go to a separate website for that list.


Julia Milstead


October 18, 2007

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