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If you have not taken an online course at UFV before, the LIBIT department requires that you complete an online orientation.  If you are registered for a LIBIT course, you will have access to a “course” in CE6 (Blackboard) called: Lib Tech – Student Resources and Orientation. On the homepage of this course is a link to “Orientation”. Please complete this orientation. It should not take you long and it is very worthwhile.

It will be assumed that you have completed this orientation and understand the basic components of CE6.  Instructors do not teach students how to use CE6.  It will be your responsibility to use the software effectively.  Consequently, instructors will not accept a lack of familiarity with the software as an excuse for not participating in course activities and assignments

Click here to go to the CE6 login portal.

NOTE: If you are having difficulty logging in to a course, it is imperative that you notify your instructor immediately.  It is not uncommon for students to be removed from courses if they have not logged in during the first week of class. 

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