UFV brand attributes

So what makes UFV so special, anyway. As part of the UFV branding exercise over the summer of 2008, the following attributes were identified as key to differentiating UFV:

Nurturing Environment

  • Personal attention, focus on teaching
  • A supportive student-focused environment
  • Strong student support services
  • Accessibility to students with a broad range of preparation
  • “There’s a spot for you here.”
  • "UFV feels like home.”
  • Warm, casual environment
  • “We don’t give up on people.”

Transformative Experience

  • University is always transformative, but it is more dramatic at UFV because students often start less prepared, and strive harder.
  • Opportunities for self-expression.
  • UFV is about actualizing human potential, creating opportunities for self-expression, and to change the world.

Rooted in our Community

  • Fraser Valley is growing, and UFV is growing and changing to meet the needs of its community.
  • UFV and its staff share a real commitment to the Fraser Valley, and to meeting community education, research and labour market needs.
  • Our international activities are driven by local community ties overseas.
  • UFV exists as an institution because of unparalleled community support and enthusiasm in the region.

Collegial Community

  • UFV offers a respectful, professional environment for staff and students alike, with a strong sense of belonging.
  • UFV is welcoming, friendly, and egalitarian
  • “Communication between students is amazing.”
  • Best Employer in Western Canada 2 years in a row
  • Faculty and staff are in the same union
  • No strikes in 30-odd years


  • Flexible and laddered programs
  • The freedom to experiment with less risk
  • Students and staff alike are given more freedom to shape the institution, to “make their mark” here.
  • UFV also offers students and faculty the opportunity to spread their wings in an international arena.
  • UFV tries to shape programs around the student; their interests come first.


  • UFV offers experiential, hands-on, practical education and conducts socially-relevant applied research in the community.
  • Most programs are connected to industry and offer co-ops. 
  • UFV is a model university for the 21st century.
  • UFV makes no artificial distinction between academic and technical training.

Academic Passion

  • UFV fosters excellence in teaching and research, maintaining high standards balanced with accessibility for students.
  • Our profs work harder at teaching, and our students strive harder to learn.
  • Undergraduates get more research, conference and even publication experience than at larger institutions, and are well prepared for advanced education.
  • UFV and its people are passionate and tenacious.


  • A culturally-diverse student community
  • Bringing the world to the Fraser Valley
  • International students engage with the community
  • UFV and its community are remarkably open to diverse perspectives, cultures and points of view.
  • 10% of all Saudi students in Canada
  • A school in the Punjab (India)
  • Students from 40 different countries

Sublime Natural Setting

  • UFV is situated in the rich Fraser Valley
  • Sweeping mountain vistas and stunning landscapes
  • The Fraser Valley offers a peaceful, tranquil environment for study, just minutes from Vancouver, the world’s most liveable city.
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