May 12, 2006

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B.C. unveils high-security crime research lab at UCFV

A new state-of-the-art crime research lab for British Columbia will help combat crime and  enhance community safety, Solicitor General John Les announced today. 

“This new facility represents an intelligence-based approach to fighting crime,” said Les. “Criminal  justice professionals will use the latest research and technology to analyze crime trends and develop new  crime-fighting strategies, and the knowledge we gain from them will help government determine how best  to reduce crime, both today and in the future.” 

Criminal justice partners, police, academics and Sun Microsystems Canada are joining forces at the  new Sun Centre of Excellence, housed in the Centre for Criminal Justice Research (CCJR) at the University College of the Fraser Valley (UCFV), to conduct crime research and share information. Using computer  technology and expert analysis, the lab will analyze crime data provided by the police to examine, among other things, the root causes of crime, crime hot spots, and prolific offenders, and will develop solutions to address high profile crime problems in communities throughout the province. 

“Crime researchers and analysts will have the ability to be in touch in real time with their  counterparts around the world. This will enable police to have access to crime reduction strategies from  international experts to help identify solutions that will work in B.C.,” said Bev Busson, Deputy  Commissioner for Pacific Region and Commanding Officer of the RCMP in British Columbia. “This is a  unique partnership between police, government, academia and the corporate sector.” 

The province contributed $150,000 toward the development and operation of the new high-tech lab  plus additional personnel support. As well, the RCMP, Sun Microsystems of Canada, UCFV and i2Inc,  which is a leading worldwide provider of investigative analysis software, have contributed everything from  software and hardware to technical expertise. In all, more than $2 million has been invested in the  development and operation of the new lab. 

“The Centre for Criminal Justice Research - Sun Centre of Excellence is an outstanding example of  the power of partnerships in dealing with critical social issues,” said UCFV President Skip Bassford. “It is  no longer possible for one institution, agency, or organization alone to address the complex nature of  criminal activity. By bringing together the expertise of these organizations, we can have high expectations for what can be accomplished.” 

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