One of the following: C or better in one of Principles of Math 11 or MATH 085; or C or better in both Foundations of Mathematics 11 and Precalculus 11; or C+ or better in Applications of Math 11; or one of Foundations of Math 12 or Precalculus 12.

Transferability: SFU, UVic, Open University, TWU, UBC.
Credits = 4.


If the pattern continues, where would 126 be located?

Math 105 is designed to provide opportunities for the student:
  • to experience the development of the basic laws of arithmetic and the properties of geometry;
  • to develop critical thinking and gain confidence in applying problem solving strategies;
  • to explore topics and materials related to the elementary school curriculum.

Pattern analysis, problem solving strategies, sets, Venn diagrams, whole number operations, numerations systems, algorithms for decimal and non-decimal bases, primes, composites, divisibility, operations with fractions and decimals, ratio and proportion, percent, operations with integers and real numbers, geometric shapes and their properties, tessellations, measurement involving length, area and volume, congruence and similarity, transformations, introduction to fractals.

Lattice multiplication

Lattice multiplication was passed along from the early Hindus and Chinese to the Arabs to medieval Europe:

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