MATH 110 is designed specifically to prepare students for entry into calculus courses - MATH 111 or MATH 115. The emphasis is on developing a clear understanding of how functions represent the real world. Graphing calculators are used to solve problems as well as to represent data. The calculator is very helpful in demonstrating the behaviour of the functions being studied, as well as their rates of change. Weak algebra skills make calculus more difficult. This course helps students strengthen their basic algebra skills.

Students from MATH 110 require at least a C + to take MATH 111.

MATH 111 is required for all BSc students.

MATH 140 is recommended for Business students and students planning to take MATH 141.


One of the following: C or better in one of Principles of Math 12 or Precalculus 12; or C- or better in both MATH 094 and MATH 095; or C+ or better in Applications of Math 12; or at least 55% on the MDPT.

Note:  Students may receive credit for only one of MATH 094/095 or MATH 110.
UBC, SFU, Open University, TWU, UVic.

An in-depth study of functions: exponential, logarithmic, linear, and trigonometric.

An introduction to calculus and its ‘language’. A review of necessary algebraic skills.

If money doesn't grow on a tree, why does it grow by 'e' ? 

Suppose a bank offers 100% interest per annum compounded continuously or every hour. What would an investment of $1 ‘grow to’ in one year? Use the compound interest formula:


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