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Stephen Nattrass‌

Stephen Nattrass

Regulatory Lawyer at Norton Rose Canada LLP, 2006 BSc. Graduate (Biology major, French minor)Stephen works as a regulatory lawyer at Norton Rose Canada LLP in Ottawa.

As a regulatory lawyer, he advises various clients on legal issues concerning, among other things, international trade, customs, telecommunications and government procurement.While at UFV, Stephen, in addition to his regular studies, worked for a summer as a bilingual tour guide at the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa between his third and fourth years of study, whereby he had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and build upon the skills he learned in class in a practical setting.

This has proved helpful in his current employment, as his ability to communicate in French has regularly  enabled him to interview Francophone clients in their native language, access legal documents and court decisions from Quebec in French and to attend bilingual hearings without the need of a translator. In addition to helping with his regular day-to-day work,Stephenʼs concurrent studies in Mandarin under Huifang (Linda) Qiao, aided by his year abroad teaching English in China, provided him with an opportunity to return to China on a work trip while articling. “Studying languages requires hard work and dedication, but is immensely rewarding at the same time. Being able to communicate with someone in their native language, and to be able to access a greater variety of media, is an incredible experience.”

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