Punjabi Language 

There are more than 100 million Punjabi speakers around the world today. Punjabi is a "new Indo-Aryan language," a status it shares with many other modern languages of the northern regions of South Asia. Punjabi is spoken in Punjab, a region between New Delhi and Peshawar, the region that separates Pakistan from Afghanistan. In Canada, Punjabi is an important language and is the third-most spoken language in B.C. UFV Punjabi courses are designed for students who already have some familiarity with spoken Punjabi, and who wish to familiarize themselves with Gurmukhi script.

Program Structure

Presently, we do not offer a program explicitly in Punjabi language. Punjabi courses can be taken on their own or as a complimentary course or courses within another program, such as the India-Canada Studies Certificate. Punjabi courses may be used to satisfy elective requirements in some programs. Please review your program rquirements in the UFV Academic Calendar or with your program advisor.

Courses Offered


PUNJ 101 - Introduction to Punjabi I
Prerequisite(s): None

PUNJ 102 - Introduction to Punjabi II
Prerequisite(s): PUNJ 101 or instructor's permission

 If you already have the 101/102 component (i.e. Grade 12 level), you may be eligible to have the first-year requirement waived.


PUNJ 210 - Intermediate Punjabi I
Prerequisite(s): Familiarity with spoken modern Punjabi language is essential for success in this course.

PUNJ 211 - Intermediate Punjabi II
Prerequisite(s): PUNJ 210

Need More Info?

For Punjabi course descriptions, please see the UFV Academic Calendar. For more information regarding Punjabi courses, please contact the Modern Languages department assistant at 604-557-4035 or via email at mola@ufv.ca.     

P: 604-557-4035
E: mola@ufv.ca
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