Please be aware that Microsoft Licensed Font Types for Microsoft Office are limited to single-user/corporation purchasing (i.e. they are not free). It's use  limited to the buyer. They shouldn’t be copied on to any type digital media support devices (flash-drive, CDs, e-mails…) and shared without incurring in copyright issues. Such practices are liable to fines under the Microsoft Copyright Policies.

Please find attached information from Microsoft Corporation regarding to this issue, and a link in where you can download and buy fonts for your personal computers, all computer on campus have the fonts already installed, if not please contact the IT helpdesk department.

*The fonts are governed by the same restrictions as the products they are supplied with. You are not allowed to copy, redistribute or reverse engineer the font files. For full details see the license agreement supplied with the product.
Microsoft licenses existing fonts from various font vendors and also commissions original fonts. If you are looking to license a particular font, you should contact the vendor directly. The vendor will be listed in the font's copyright or trademark entry. To find out this information, right-click on the font files and choose 'Properties'.
Until recently, most fonts that include a Microsoft copyright or trademark notice have only been available as part of Microsoft products. Although some fonts remain Microsoft-exclusive, a number of Microsoft fonts are now available to end users, ISVs and OEMs under license from Ascender Corporation. These include 'Verdana', 'Georgia', 'Comic Sans MS', 'Microsoft Sans Serif', 'Nina', 'Tahoma', 'Wingdings', 'Webdings' and 'Trebuchet MS', IPA “The International Phonetic Association and The International Phonetic Alphabet”


Be wary if you can't find any copyright or trademark information. Even public domain, freeware, or custom fonts should contain at least the designer's name.
If you think a font may be public domain, freeware or shareware, look for an accompanying 'Readme' file that will explain how to register the font, and any restrictions in using it. For example, many freeware fonts are only for non-commercial use.*

If you would like to get a font here are some links to download and you can pay with your credit card


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