Date:   Thursday, June 20th, 2013

From:   Alan Stokes, Director of Facilities

There are a few changes coming to the UFV Pay Parking program this summer:

  1. Student/public parking rates and parking violation rates
  2. Renewal of permanent employee parking passes
  3. Automated payroll parking deductions

Student/Public Parking Rates

Student, Employee and Public rates will remain the same with a few modifications to an existing and confusing structure.

  • The daily parking rate remains the same, but the weekly fluctuating rate has been simplified to a flat rate of $12.00 per week and can be purchased for multiple weeks.

  • Semester rate remains at $150.00 / semester.

  • Hourly Pay Parking Meter rates remain the same at $1.00 for every two hours available in multiple 2-hour increments.

  • Carpool Parking:  Available to students and employees.  Rate remains the same at $150.00 / semester.  Sign up through the Facilities Services office.

  • Visitor Parking: The visitor rate is available at $0.50 / 15 minute intervals and has been limited to a maximum of 60 minutes.   Visitors intending to stay longer than a 1-hour period should use the student / public lots and pay for parking via the interior pay parking meters.

  • New** Electric Vehicle (EV) stalls: Strategically located on both main campuses for battery only and hybrid vehicles that require an external power source for recharging.  (Hybrid vehicles which rely on fossil fuel engines to recharge the battery are not eligible for EV parking stalls.)

  • EV parking stall rates are as follows:
    • Employee EV Hanging Permit $25.00 / month.
    • Student EV Hanging Permit $150.00 / Semester.

Parking Violation Rates

  • In fairness to those who pay for parking privileges at UFV and in an effort to reduce the number of parking violations on our campuses, an increase to parking violation rates will take effect on September 1st, 2013 as follows:
    • Current violation rate of $39.20 will increase to $50.00
    • Discounted rate if paid within seven (7) working days will increase from $16.80 to $25.00.

Renewal of Permanent Employee Parking Passes

It is time to renew your permit! Permanent employee Hanging Permits expire on August 31st, 2013.  To renew your permit:

  • Log into myUFV, click on the Human Resources tab, and click on “Please click here” in the Employee Parking box.
    • You may register up to two (2) license plates for your single hanging permit.  Have your license plate numbers and employee banner ID available when proceeding with the renewal process.
    • Your Employee Hanging Parking Permit will be mailed to you by Impark which you can expect to receive within the last two weeks of August.  Until then, continue to use your existing hanging permit.  Once you receive your new hanging permit, please return your expired permit to Facilities Services or destroy it with scissors.  DO NOT give your old permit away as it will no longer be valid, and if used, will result in a parking $50.00 fine against the owner of the vehicle.

New permanent employees hired between June 24th and August 31st should apply through Facilities Services for a Temporary Parking Permit which will be valid until their Hanging Permit arrives.

Automated Payroll Deductions

UFV will no longer to be able to offer automated payroll deductions for non-permanent employees as of July 30, 2013.   Employees that are contracted as sessional or term employment and/or utilize timesheets may:

  • Purchase Employee Hanging Permit directly through the Facilities Services office at the Abby campus B150 at the rate of $25.00 per month.  Debit, Credit Card, or Cash is accepted.  Cheques are no longer accepted.
  • Purchase daily permits at a rate of $1.00 for every two hours. 

For Parking related questions, please contact the

Alan Stokes, Director of Facilities


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