UFV Strategic Goals & Learning Outcomes

New programs should reflect the goals and priorities of UFV, as articulated in the institution’s five-year strategic plan. UFV’s goals are to “provide the best undergraduate education in Canada” and “be a leader of social, cultural, economic, and environmentally-responsible development in the Fraser Valley.” Consult the Strategic Plan for more details on what these goals mean, and think about how your program will support them.

UFV Strategic Plan

UFV’s Education Plan establishes priorities for the development of educational programming. A Concept Paper for your proposed program will have to be approved for inclusion in the Education Plan before you develop the full program proposal. See what proposals have been approved for development to date in the Education Plan and annual updates.

UFV Education Plan (2011-2015) Please see pages 21-22 for each faculty's prioritized list of new programs.

2012 Education Plan Update

The Senate Academic Planning and Priorities Committee has established a set of criteria (or grid) as a guide for assessing potential new programs. It is based on UFV-established priorities.

APPC Program Ranking Grid

Students graduating from each program at UFV should possess a set of core abilities and skills. You will be asked to show how your program ensures that these learning outcomes are met.

UFV Institutional Learning Outcomes

Consult with the Learning Outcomes page for information and resources about developing program-level and course-level learning outcomes.


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