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The Association of Students of Philosophy presents:

A Talk on Global Poverty with Sylvia Berryman - Who's Afraid of Creating Dependency?

Thursday, April 3, 2014
2:00 - 3:30pm
room B101

For more information on this event, please contact the ASP president Robert Thiesen at

Dr. Brian M. Keenan Prize

A $1250.00 award for Canadian undergraduate students of Philosophy

Deadline for submission: May 15, 2014

Mission Statement: Students of Dr. Keenan have founded this award with a dual intention: first, to recognize Dr. Keenan's longstanding devotion to the importance and potential of ongoing philosophical education, inquiry and dialogue; and second, to provide recognition, reward and incentive for students who acknowledge and explore this potential, especially regarding the Philosophy of History, Philosophy of Law, and Social and Political Philosophy.

Submission requirements:

  • Minimum 2000 words
  • Maximum 5000 words
  • Papers should focus on either the Philosophy of History, the Philosophy of Law, or Social and Political Philosophy. Special consideration will be given to papers engaging with liberalism as a set of historical practices or conditions
  • Papers previously submitted as term papers or major assignments will be accepted
  • The successful candidate will be a student enrolled in an undergraduate program at a Canadian university or college

Please apply online at

Backpacking with a Purpose

This summer, Operation Groundswell is sending hundreds of students across the globe for six week programs that will change their perspective on the developing world. Want to be one of them? You will have a unique opportunity to truly immerse yourself in new customs and cultures with the help of our incredible program leaders, who have organized meaningful community service projects, meetings with innovative local NGOs, and one crazy adventure.
We are looking for globally conscious and socially active students who want to spend their summer exploring some of the most complex and beautiful countries in the world! 
Early summer programs are closing on April 23rd. Apply today!
Check out our map of where we go:
Our six week programs each have a different focus and are open in the following countries and regions:
* West Africa - Education and Global Health
* East Africa – Youth Empowerment and Development
* Middle East - Human Rights (ALMOST FULL)
* Southeast Asia - Ecotourism (PROGRAM FULL) and Youth Empowerment
* India - Women’s Rights (PROGRAM FULL) and Education
* Guatemala - Fair Trade Justice and Peace & Conflict
* Peru - Health & Wellness (PROGRAM FULL) and Environment (PROGRAM FULL)

Philosophy instructor Peter Raabe has released a new book, titled Philosophy’s Role in Counseling and Psychotherapy. It can be found on Amazon here:

or at the Jason Aronson publishing house here.

For more information, contact peter raabe at

UFV Philosophy Instructor, Peter Raabe, recently presented his research at the 2nd World Humanities Forum in Korea. More information on Raabe's contribution to the forum can be found here!‌

Read Raabe's article on the importance of the Humanities here!

Congratulations to UFV Philosophy Instructor, Peter Raabe, for his recent presentation at the 4th Annual Humanities Therapy Conference and 11th Annual International Conference of Philosophical Practice in Chuncheon, Korea.

The 2011 translation of Peter's text Philosophical Counselling: Theory and Practice was chosen by the Korean National Academy of Sciences as one of the outstanding books of the year. This honour means that Peter's book will be purchased and distributed to universities, libraries, and research centres across Korea!

Full details on Peter's presentation at the conference, including photos, can be found here!

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