Student Association of Philosophical Counselling
Meeting Minutes – Jan. 18, 2011


Attendance:             Peter Raabe, Sheetal, Cory, Steven, Sheena

I. Outstanding Items from Last Meeting

-          Follow up on ‘office space’ area with Pauline for hardcopies of paperwork

o   Pauline suggested an online versions available (from our website as archived folders) rather than having hardcopies

-          Website links from Cory for review

o   Cory showed some very informative clips – good for future discussions/additions to the website

o   Cory is linked has contacted a radio show which talks of/about mental illnesses – he’s trying to get on to the show J

II. Ongoing Events

-          CIVL Radio proposal –

o   Sheetal is working on re-creating the show format into a more entertainment based show than academic for the purposes of CIVL radio requirements/format.

-          Becoming the Canadian Association of Philosophical Counselling (CAPC)

o   Sheetal has contacted the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce and Community Services, they will be providing more information as to how to go about becoming the CAPC.

-          Research Projects

o   Developed a questionnaire/survey to be submitted to the Ethics association on campus –Cory is typing up and submitting the survey within the week so we can administer the survey next week (maybe?)


III.  Upcoming Events

-          Jan. 25th (next Tuesday) -- Guest Speaker

o   UFV memorabilia can be purchased from the UFV bookstore – Sheetal will do this and submit a funding request to the ASP fund.           

o   Sheetal has emailed CIVL, Cascade News and Pauline for media attention/publicity for the event and asked a Cascade reporter to attend the event for coverage for a later article in the news.

o   Sheena to email directions to the speaker J

-          Develop tentative schedule of events

o   Feb. 23rd Peter Raabe is presenting – more details to follow closer to event

o   Sheena recommended her KPE instructor for March’s guest speaker


IV. Any additional items to discuss …


-          Peter shared a story about his decline to write a chapter in a book about being happy which asked him to discuss philosophical counseling in a purely psychological approach.

o   Links to the misconceptions of psychotherapy


V. Meeting adjourned at 5:24pm by Sheetal and Steve.


Next meeting at 4pm, Jan. 25th in B162 – guest speaker to present/talk at 4:30pm.



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