Philosophy Fall 2014 Course Offerings

Note: This is a tentative timetable and is subject to change

Fall Semester Dates: September 2 - December 1 (plus exam period) 

The Philosophy Department will be offering a careful rotation of courses to enable students to complete their degrees. 

Course       Sctn Title                                                 Instructor                 Day Time              
PHIL 100 AB1 Reasoning Ethan Davis Tues  11:30-14:20 
PHIL 100 AB2 Reasoning Ethan Davis Tues 16:00-18:50 
PHIL 100 AB3 Reasoning Rana Ahamd Mon  8:30-11:20 
PHIL 100 AB4 Reasoning Wayne Henry Wed  13:00-15:50 
PHIL 100 AB5 Reasoning Glen Baier Wed  14:30-17:20 
PHIL 100 AB6 Reasoning Peter Raabe Thur 10:00-12:50 
PHIL 100 AB7 Reasoning Glen Baier Thur  19:00-21:50 
PHIL 100 AB8 Reasoning Ethan Davis Fri  10:00-12:50 
PHIL 100 CH1 Reasoning Anastasia Anderson Wed 10:00-12:50 
PHIL 100 CH2 Reasoning Glen Baier Fri 13:00-15:50 
PHIL 100 MI1 Reasoning Ethan Davis Wed 19:00-21:50 
PHIL 100 ON1 Reasoning Anastasia Anderson n/a  n/a 
PHIL 110 AB1 Morality and Politics Rana Ahmad Mon  13:00-15:50 
PHIL 110 AB2 Morality and Politics Rana Ahmad Wed  14:30-17:20 
PHIL 110 ON1 Morality and Politics Paul Herman n/a  n/a 
PHIL 120 AB1 Knowledge and Reality Peter Raabe Mon  10:00-12:50 
PHIL 120 AB2 Knowledge and Reality Wayne Henry Wed  17:30-20:20 
PHIL 120 AB3 Knowledge and Reality Wayne Henry Fri  10:00-12:50 
PHIL 251B AB1 Empiricism and Early Modern Phil Wayne Henry Thur  10:00-12:50 
PHIL 252 AB1 History of Continental Philosophy Glen Baier Tues  14:30-17:20 
PHIL 315 AB1 Contemporary Ethical Theory Anastasia Anderson Tues  10:00-12:50 
PHIL 318 AB1 Environmental Ethics Rana Ahmad Wed  10:00-12:50 
PHIL 367 AB1 Philosophy for Counsellors Peter Raabe Mon  14:30-17:20 



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