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Welcome UFV staff and faculty members.

New to PLAR? Click here for FAQ including "What is PLAR?"�

We are dedicated to assisting you, the faculty and staff of UFV, in providing our students with information and guidance to help students receive recognition for their experiential learning. Within this site you will find resources such as:

PLAR Process


Choosing Assessment Methods

Writing Learning Outcomes

Helpful Links and�Publications

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Additionally, we invite you to view our Portfolio Tutorial--which we have designed with you in mind. It's purpose is to support you as you advise students on your requirements for an academic portfolio or to assist you in your development of your own professional portfolio. 

We recognize that the UFV community is comprised of a multiplicity of readers with various backgrounds and experience with PLAR, and as such your feedback will help us to ensure that we are providing the level of service that helps you most effectively.


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