New Books by Ron Dart


Keepers of the Flame is a collection of essays by Ron Dart that speaks to the clash between the ancients and the moderns, between a more seasoned and reasoned form of conservatism and the way modern liberalism ever unfolds in the North American and Canadian contexts. Darts asks if it's possible for Canada to become a 'New Athens' that challenges the imperial nature of liberalism. Is Canada fated to genuflect to the liberal monarch that sit south so confident on this throne?






There has been considerable research and writing done on English, American and German Christian Zionism, but there is a paucity of serious and substantive writing and research on Canadian Christian Zionism. This prier of sorts on Canadian Christian Zionism touches on the 19th century origins, 20th century development and 21st century expressions of Canadian Christian Zionism. A Tangled Tale also reflects on the relationship between Canadian Christian Zionism, politics, the Canadian Conservative Party and the impact on the Palestinians.




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