Applied Ethical and Political Philosophy Minor

Career Prospects

Students in the Applied Ethical and Political Philosophy (AEPP) Minor program will develop their capacities for creative and critical thinking. They will acquire an understanding of the social and political institutions that govern our communities, our country, and the whole world. And they will increase their sensitivity to the ethical and political dimensions of our lives as individuals, as members of families, communities, interest groups, professions and nations, and as citizens of the world.  Completion of the minor should indicate that the student has developed skills, knowledge, values, and sensitivities that will complement most career paths, including advanced studies in applied ethics, where career opportunities are expanding.

Program Structure

The requirements of the Applied Ethical and Political Philosophy Minor are designed to be met within a four-year Baccalaureate program. The AEPP Minor provides 30 credits towards the 120 credits required for a UFV Bachelor of Arts degree. For more information on the Bachelor of Arts program requirements, please see the UFV Academic Calendar.

Once you are admitted to the Bachelor of Arts program and you have completed at least 30 credits with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 on all credits attempted, you may make an appointment with an advisor in the Arts Advice Centre to complete the declaration form. Appointments with the Arts Advice Centre can be booked online here.

Lower Level Requirements: 15 credits

  • One of: Philosophy 110, 210, 230, Political Science 120, 270
  • One of: Political Science 110, 190/260, 230
  • One of: Philosophy 120, 220, 250, 251, 252
  • One of: ANTH 211; BUS 261; CRIM 211; ECON 215; MACS 240; POSC 110, 190/260, 230, 290/360; SOC 270/ANTH 270/MACS 270; SOWK 210; or an upper-level course with significant empirical political content (at the discretion of the program head)
  • One additional lower-division course in Philosophy or Political Science.

Note: A single course cannot be used to satisfy more than one criterion.

Upper Level Requirements: 15 credits

  • Two Political Science courses including at least one of 311 or 312
  • Two of: Philosophy 305, 310, or 315
  • One additional Philosophy or Political Science

For Political Science course descriptions, please see the UFV Academic Calendar. For more information regarding the Minor, please contact the Political Science department assistant at (604)557-4035 or via email at

 T: 604.557.4035
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