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Applications for the FALL 2015 ARE NOW CLOSED!

The world is awash in data; currently there are some 500 billion gigabytes stored, an amount that doubles every 18 months. But data is only useful if it is turned into information. That's the job of a data analyst.

Data analysis is the science of correctly collecting data, assessing it for trustworthiness, extracting information from it, and presenting it in a comprehensible informative way. These skills are vital to institutions such as government, business, or health care where sound decisions must be made based on data and the way it is interpreted.

Careers in Data Analysis

Many Canadian and local employers are looking for people with data analysis skills: see a list of some of the recent jobs ads. These are all positions a graduate of the DAC could apply for. This Globe and Mail article does a good job of summarizing the many opportunities available.

The post-degree certificate builds on the skills and knowledge you have already acquired in earning your first degree allowing you to employ them fully in modern data-driven enterprise. The combination of your degree background and your data analysis skills can make you an attractive employee.

Links to job postings:

Data Analysis at UFV

As a data analysis student at UFV you will acquire the skills needed to extract reliable information from large data sets. With carefully designed courses taken in both computing and statistics, you will gain the data-base skills you need to house, extract, manipulate and maintain data in the real-world ways in which it arises and you will learn the statistical techniques needed to collect data correctly, assess its quality, analyze it, and present the information effectively to decision makers. The industry standard statistical software environments SAS and R will be used throughout.

You can begin the program and earn the certificate in about 10 months, beginning in September and finishing in mid-June.

The Data Analysis program
Required courses
STAT 271 Introduction to Data Analysis and Statistical Modelling  
STAT 272 Statistical Graphics and Languages
COMP 230 Databases and Data Management Systems
COMP/STAT 331 Data Quality 
STAT 315 Applied Regression Analysis
Four more courses, chosen from:
STAT 330 Design of Experiments 
STAT 350 Survey Sampling 
STAT 402 Applied Generalized Linear Models and Survival Analysis
STAT 430 Time Series and Forecasting 
STAT 470 Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis
STAT/COMP 431 Data Mining
COMP 430 Advanced Database Topics 
CIS 385 Project Management 

Note: While STAT 315 was previously an optional course, it will be required as of Fall 2013.

A selection of these courses will be offered each year. See Course selection for 2013-2014 (below on this page)

Objectives and Outcomes (What are the goals? What will graduates be able to do?)

Entrance Requirements

How and When to Apply

The program is offered offered starting in the fall of each year.  Applications for the Fall 2015 program are NOW CLOSED

Domestic students can visit to download an application form or apply online at A $45 application fee applies.

International students can visit UFV International to find out how to apply. A $150 application fee applies.

How Much does it Cost?

Domestic students can check the UFV Admissons site for the latest tuition fees. International students can visit UFV International to learn more about international tuition costs.

What if I am still working on my first degree?

If you will graduate before September 2015, you can apply and be admitted, conditional on you finishing your degree before September. If you still have a ways to go in your degree, you can take the certificate courses along with the courses you are currently taking for your degree, and formally enter the program later. In that case it will likely take you longer than one year to complete the certificate.

Courses offered in 2015-2016

The courses offered will vary from year-to-year. In the 2015-2016 academic year the following courses are scheduled:

  • Fall 2015 (Sept-Dec)
    • STAT 271* - Introduction to Data Analysis and Statistical Modelling
    • STAT 272* - Statistical Graphics and Languages 
    • COMP 230* - Databases and Data Management Systems
    • STAT 350+ - Survey Sampling 
  • Winter 2016 (Jan-Apr)
    • STAT 315* - Applied Regression Analysis
    • STAT/COMP 331* - Data Quality
    • STAT 430+ - Time Series and Forecasting 
    • TBA
  • Spring 2016 (May-June)
    • COMP 381 - Introduction to Machine Learning

    * - required courses

    + - elective


"This program is really good for someone looking to enhance their knowledge in applied data analytics, it is well designed and meets the demands of industry"

  • – Lovedeep Gondara
  •    UFV Data Analysis graduate

"We’re very impressed with the strength of UFV’s data analysis program. With the rapid growth and demand for an analytically savvy workforce, programs like these will fuel graduates that are equipped with the analytics skills needed to lead organizations forward."

  • – Wally Thiessen
  •    Manager Customer Engagement, SAS Canada

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