Train as a joiner

Cabinetry and furnishings define both the style and functionality of any home or building. This is why an experienced joiner is an integral part of any construction or home renovation crew.

Also referred to as cabinet makers, joiners use a variety of woods and laminates to build, repair and re-style wooden cabinets, fixtures, doors, windows, stairs, wall units, tables, bookshelves, and more. This trade is more specialized than carpentry, because it involves fitting joints in wood without the use of nails, screws, or other fasteners.

In addition to designing, manufacturing, and installing, cabinets, furniture, and various fixtures, joiners can also work in interior design, restoration, renovation, sales, or even ship building.

UFV’s Joinery program prepares you for entry-level employment. You apply what you learn in our well-equipped shop under the supervision of experienced instructors. You develop craftsmanship, while learning all aspects of the trade, from reading drawings to using high end equipment to cut, assemble and finish a variety of furnishings.

When you successfully complete the program, you are prepared to work both in small shops with basic equipment or industrial facilities with larger machinery. You may enter into the provincial apprenticeship program, or directly into employment.

Career outlook

For the last decade, the increase in foreign competition have driven up the growth of assembly line production in the cabinetry and furniture making sectors. As a result, many joiners have specialized and become furniture assemblers, finishers, installers, or woodworking machine operators.

As the industry seeks to boost productivity and reduce costs in a competitive market, trained craftspeople who can operate computer-based systems for design, estimating and cost control are in highest demand.

Self-employment remains a popular option for cabinet makers who do custom renos or high end woodwork. In fact, according to census data, the proportion of self-employed joiners and cabinet makers is more than two and a half higher than that of other occupations. Those seeking to enhance their self-employment prospects may wish to pursue business training.

Opportunities may also arise for joiners in the shipbuilding industry, following the federal government's decision to award an eight-year, $8-billion contract to build non-combat vessels in BC.

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