Research profile

Name: Rita Dhamoon

Department: Philosophy & Political Science

Contact information: 604-504-7441 local 4425,

Current research program:

My current research program expands and develops my existing work on identity/difference politics, culture, critical views on multiculturalism, race-thinking and racism, feminism and gender, and democracy. At present, two streams of this research are central to my program: i) to explore the relationship between multiculturalism, security, and nation-building in Canada and elsewhere; ii) to develop the feminist methodology of intersectionality through case studies.

Both projects have included research assistants: Tim Yessilbayev and Peter Gill have been collecting and collating data from government sources on security and multiculturalism, and Kimberly Unruh has been bringing together material from human rights offices, government policy documents, and activist groups on intersectionality.

Student assistants:

Name Duties/activities
Tim Yessilbayev Collecting and organizing data from Canadian Heritage and Hansard since 2006 on multiculturalism and security.  This research has informed a paper on the relationship between multiculturalism and security, and it is anticipated will be of further use as this research extends.
Peter GillCollecting and organizing data from Canadian Security Intelligence Service, and Public Safety Canada. As well Peter has bought together information, on the theme of multiculturalism and security, from the Canadian Human Rights Commission, key legal cases, the accommodation debates in Quebec, the Cross-Cultural Roundtable on Security, Government Crime Prevention programs, and the Air India trial. As well as examining official government material, this work extended to include a brief review of media reports and academic papers on many of the above topics. This research has already informed a paper on the relationship between security and multiculturalism, and will be useful for a future planned book project.
Kimberley UnruhKim has undertaken an extensive overview of the theme of intersectionality at several levels of socio-political life: as well as collecting, collating, and organizing documents produced by the federal Canadian government, she has bought together information from Human Rights Commissions at the provincial and federal level, and information on how intersectionality is actualized in various activist groups in Canada.



Identity/Difference Politics: how difference is produced and why it matters
(Vancouver: UBC Press, 2009).

Sexual Justice/Cultural Justice: Critical Perspectives in Theory and Practice, ed. Barbara Arneil, Monique Deveaux, Rita Dhamoon and Avigail Eisenberg. London: Routledge. (2007).

Journal articles

Dangerous (Internal) Foreigners and Nation-Building: The Case of Canada
, co-authored with Yasmeen Abu-Laban. International Political Science Review. (30: 2, March 2009).

Shifting from Culture to Cultural: Critical Theorizing of Identity/Difference Politics Constellations: An International Journal of Critical and Democratic Theory. (13: 3, September 2006).

Book chapters

Critical Race Perspectives: Towards a Post-Essentialist Form of Social Critique in Racism, Identity, and Justice: Dialogue on the Politics of Inequality and Change, ed. Sean Hier and B. Singh Bolaria. Halifax, Nova Scotia: Fernwood Press (Forthcoming 2009).

Democracy and the Politics of Disruption in Democracy in Crisis: Violence, Alterity, Community, ed. Stella Gaon. Manchester: Manchester University Press. (Forthcoming 2008).

The Politics of Cultural Contestation. in Sexual Justice/Cultural Justice, eds. Barbara Arneil, Monique Deveaux, Rita Dhamoon and Avigail Eisenberg. London: Routledge. (2007).
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